If you can visit me at my workshop, or arrange to meet at events, I will the uppers tacked in place and you can have a ‘trial fit’ when I can move the tacks to improve the fit.

If you can’t visit then I complete them based on the measurements received and any additional details you can give about your feet (low ankle bones etc.)

Sit on a chair wearing the socks that you want to use with the clogs.
Have someone else draw around your foot with a normal pen/pencil. (Not a thick marker pen).
Without moving the foot mark a line at the side of the centre of the ball of your foot and another over on the other side at the widest point across. Using a tape measure from the first mark over your foot to the other side. Write it by the mark.
Similarly mark and measure over the instep. The tape will be slightly angled forward to lie flat against the foot.
Measure from the floor to under the outside ankle bone.
Repeat for the other foot on a separate pice of paper (Not on the back of the first sheet – I may need to cut them both out).
Mark on the outline any additional lumps/bumps etc’s