If you wish to order a pair of clogs you can contact me via e-mail or telephone for instructions and the waiting list time (usually 6-8 weeks).

If you want to buy a standard fit I can also tell you if I have any ready.

In the end you will have to write to me either sending me your cheque payment or your order details and deposit (£20.00,  €30.00 Euro, 50.00$US)

Please fill our order form, once you are finished print the order form by clicking on the print button.

All Post & Packing Extra

Egs: Clogs from 7.50per pair (UK only)

Order Details

Address line 1
Address line 2
Address line 3
Address line 4
Current shoe size
Clog size (if known)
Style (see Clogs)
Colour (see Leather)
Toe Style (Common(round) or Duck)
Brass Toe Plate or nailed
Wood – left natural or coloured black
Sole none/rubber/irons
Fitted (include foot outline & measurements)
Trial Fit required
Delivery or collection from workshop