Greenman inside leaves. The fully dyed design is more subltle and in keeping with the traditional style.

Celtic Knot & Crimp
Celtic knot with outer branch leaves on green and the Celtic crimp on brown. Both leathers factory dyed and no longer available.

Celtic Crimp
The dyed leather still shows the design. This is my latest Celtic crimp design.

Embossed designs

I have had a number of celtic designs made into stamps which can be used on their own or combined with punches. The designs can be coloured seperately or the same.

The following pictures will give some idea of the possibilities.

Celtic Stamps

You can select a design from the above images by quoting the approprate letter. The large circular stamps are approx. 2″ in diameter (50cm)

Embossed green
A shamrock punch design has been used to build up the side pattern while the celtic stamp (C2) has been embossed and dyed seperately to highlight the design.

Embossed blue
An old square punch design has been used to build up the side pattern and with the celtic stamp (C1) have been dyed separately to highlight the design.


The Gibson and Oxford clogs can be supplied with long tongues.

Additional eyelets can be fitted to both the clogs and/or long tongues.

Clogs can be embossed or crimped. See the ‘Decoration & Crimps’ page

As the crimp is often a clog makers personal ‘signature’ their crimps will not be copied.

Toe Tins/Brass PlatesBrass toe tins are intended to protect the tip of the clog. However when the toe is deliberately being used to create a sound toe plates become damaged.

Some clog steppers prefer to have the nails continue round the toe or have the plate set back.

Wood SolesThe wooden sole edges can be left natural showing the wood, or dyed (usually black). Either way the edges are waxed.

Rubbers (Shods)Horseshoe shaped thick resin soles. Available in either Black (standard hard and extra-hard) or Neutral (Tan colour).

IronsI have original unused irons (the hard ones) in sizes child to adult. Useful for those who wish to fit multiple sets.
To save wear and increase grip rubber inlays can be fitted inside the irons.