Gibson Lace

3-part construction in either Veg Tan or Ready Dyed leather fastened by lace.

Oxford (one piece)

1 piece construction (plus tongue). Hand stitched in Veg Tan Leather


Standard Lace

Plain Wood With Rubber Soles (shods)
to size 5 85.00 96.00
to size 9 90.00 101.50
from size 10 95.00 109.50


Economy Clogs

The 1-piece back takes less work but the fit is not as tight on the heel. Only offerred on small sizes. An economic clog for children

Plain Wood With Rubber Soles (shods)
Childrens sizes 40.00 49.00
Size 1 55.00 66.00
Size 2 60.00 71.00
Size 3 65.00 76.00


*All sizes quoted are clog sizes ( 1 size less than shoe size)