Clog Soles

All soles are manufactured on site. Rather than adapting a “standard” sole to fit those customers requesting a fitted clog, a personal pattern is created and retained for repeat orders or re-wooding.

Clog Sole Shapes Common/round toe.
All the logs illustrated in the ‘Clogs’ section are round toe.

Duck toe is pinched and slightly extended (like a ducks beak).


Soles are made from sycamore and although my current supplier has been classed as sustainable there is so much growing and so little demand for it for manufacturing that such classification is all but irrelevant. Some even regard Sycamore trees as a weed!


Veg Tan – Vegetable Tanned Leather, slightly heavier leather that starts feeling stiff but adapts to individuals feet becoming more flexible and softer with use.
Is dyed to order in a choice of colours . The final shade cannot be guaranteed exactly as is affected by the particular hide and even the location the leather was cut from.
Recommended for embossed designs and crimps.

Latigo – A lighter weight and initially softer feel. Black only Cannot be embossed.